Junk – M83


It took over half a decade but M83 has come out with a new album Junk. Front-man Adrian Gonzalez’s most recent project is a brilliant medley of mismatched second tiered samples with first-rate instrumentals. The French artist derives his work from shoegaze, sub-pop, and electronic genres to deliver a powerful 7th album.

The album begins with the upbeat piano driven track ‘Do It Try It’. Its melodic piano and dream like instrumentals give listeners a preview of the rest of the album. In standard M83 fashion, the entire project lulls one into a trance going on a journey from song to song.

Whether it’s the string section in the ballad-esque track ‘Solitude’ or the whimsical nature of ‘Moon Crystal’, Junk keeps listeners on their toes. Gonzalez does a good job of keeping the alum fresh while remaining true to his shoegaze-y electronic roots like in ‘Bibi The Dog’.

While many of the songs on this album are slower with heavier sentiments attached to it, M83 spices things up with songs like ‘Go’ and ‘Laser Gun’. These two tracks have a broad happy feeling associated with them that would make it perfect for a FIFA soundtrack. The track ‘Walkaway Blues’ is reminiscent of ‘Midnight City’ but backed with powerful Julian Casablanca style lyrics.

Junk has a few songs that could belong to 70’s entertainment. ‘Moon Crystal’ has the happy-go-lucky whimsical sound of a vintage daytime family sitcom theme song. Similarly, ‘Roadblaster’ feels like a montage from an 80’s movie filled with popped-collared-jean-jackets, bright short-shorts, and Raybans.

Gonzalez continues to expand his musical reach. He further diversifies the album with balladry songs like ‘Sunday Night 1987’ and divine tracks like ‘Ludivine’.

M83’s ability to remain true to the sound that has garnered them so much support while still being able to experiment validates their place amongst today’s music heavy-hitters. Junk is a catchy and dreamlike album that follows the standard M83 recipe for success.





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