Sammus – Infusion

The New York MC Sammus brings her witty and intelligent lyrics to life in her most recent album Infusion. The Ithaca-based rapper fuses social activism with her own life stories to cement herself as a rising star in the Nerdcore genre. This is her most recent project since she released Another M in march 2015.

The key to Sammus’ music is her relatability. While the specific instances she mentions may be different from others, the over-arching issue is universal.

The song ‘1080p’ discusses the trials and tribulations of life and love. The never- ending battle between one’s reason and emotion is eloquently illustrated by Sammus’ examples of past loves. She “sees the world in 1080p” once she has been able to separate emotion from reason to induce a truth not yet discovered to her.

However, she has discovered herself. In the song ‘Might Morphin’ she explains exactly who she is and isn’t. She wants to illuminate the boxes that society tries to confine black people to and convince listeners that such boxes are a ruse. “I like E-40 but I also fuck with Joy Division,” shows that because she is black it doesn’t mean she can’t like a rock band or enjoy a conversation about quantum physics. The hook is catchy with an easy to follow sequence.

The track that follows is ‘Back Stabbers’. It isn’t a part two to ‘Mighty Morphin’; however, it compliments the song well. This track is intended to empower black people to embrace their culture and stray away from trying to be something they aren’t.

‘Spell It Out’ is as far as Sammus will go in regards to brag rap. She doesn’t indulge in the classic rap image of gold chains, money, and women. Rather she brags about her own confidence. Her charisma can be felt through the upbeat instrumental and fast paced chorus. If this album had an anthem track, this would be it.

She returns to her activist rap with ‘Time Crisis’. With a Yeezus-esque instrumental and chorus, she once again argues against the box that woman are put into. She criticizes the notion that woman must settle down while ridiculing the entertainment industry’s push for women to “nip and tuck their bodies” to stay young looking.

The album closes with ‘The Feels’, which is akin to a Pharrell and M83 collaboration. She alludes to her struggle making it in the music industry. However, the instrumental is very dance-y and renders one a bobble head to the song.

Sammus delivers a powerful activist rap album. Each song’s beat is comfortably simple and smooth. She delivers hard bars while getting out a very well articulated message about race and sex.




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