No Decision for Chico Scrap Metal

screen2bshot2b2016-04-072bat2b8-25-472bamChico Scrap Metal will have to wait even longer for a decision regarding its potential relocation.

The Chico Planning Commission came to no decision Thursday night about the business, angering residents who call it “an eyesore.”

With the commission closely divided and two members missing, Chair Toni Scott decided against taking a vote on the issue.

Neighbors who spoke in favor of relocation at the meeting said the business is an eyesore that attracts long lines of cars and criminals who are trying to sell stolen property.

Those who believe the business should stay say that it would be too costly for the city as well as the company if it were to move.

Chico Scrap Metal’s location has been an issue since 1983 after it was forced to move from Humboldt Street to its current location on East 20th Street.

Even without a recommendation from the Planning Commission, the City Council will consider the company’s relocation May 3.


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