Slim Thug: Hogg Life The Beginning

Slim Thug’s Hogg Life: The Beginning is a baller’s anthem. It’s his 5th studio album, and the second in the past three years. Consisting of only a few features, Z-Ro headlines as the most famous and most frequented of the artists.

This album epitomizes the life of high rollers and big shots with a heavy dose of thug. Hogg Life: The Beginning follows in the footsteps of his previous four albums, nitty and gritty. The Houston rapper stays true to his roots representing H-Town hard all the while getting money, drugs, and women.

Songs like “Hogg Life”, “No Talking” and “The Top” characterize the high profile life that Slim Thug lives. The first line in “The Top” is, “It’s so lonely at the top.” Slim Thug exudes confidence. He wants you to know he is one of the best in the game even if he isn’t a household name like Drake, Kendrick Lamar or Lil Wayne.

No hip-hop album is complete without a couple of party songs. However, Slim Thug doesn’t create the typical club banger like IamSu! or dance heavy Pitbull song. Slim Thug is all about the luxurious life but remaining cool. He’s boastful but not flashy. Songs like “Too Much” and “Smokin” are tracks for a house party full of homies. These songs are cool and casual, but still make you want to get on the dance floor and bust a move.

This album isn’t all thug though. Slim Thug does have a softer side to him. The song “RIP”, featuring Z-Ro, is a tribute to some rappers that have died. The track takes on a more existential meaning. Death sucks, so make the most of the time we have on this earth to spend it with the people who really matter.

This album is the first installment of a four-part series chronicling Slim Thug’s self-proclaimed “hogg” lifestyle.






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