SK Simeon and Yaw Faso: Maskya EP

Maskya EP – SK Simeon Yaw Fasomaskya-ep-main

The Maskya EP is an afro-Caribbean dancehall album. Machinedrum remixed the Melbourne based MC’s, SK Simeon and Yaw Faso, EP thrusting it into the 21st century. The album is characterized by intense thumping base with reggae sounding lyrics. The vocal duties are split between the two producers while Machinedrum alters the background tracks.

The track Doper Than Dope has the least reggae influence of the entire EP. The song is a prototypical dancehall anthem characterized by a pounding bass line and repetitive yet catchy lyrics.

All of Mi Life is a slightly toned down song relative to the rest of the EP. The lyrics are very melodic with a positive message behind it. It emphasizes moving forward and pursuing your dream. The energetic track makes the perfect feel good montage song.

The Melbourne duo gets retrospective with the song Memories. They want to take you “back in the day” and for you to remember, “when we were young.” They rap about lost loves and growing old. Swirling synths entrance the listener.

The final track on the EP is Ram Dancehall. This chaotic and fast song sounds like a mix of reggae lyrics with reggaeton beats. It’s club-banger track that makes you want to dance. The unintelligible lyrics can be overlooked by its smooth rhythm.

The Machinedrum remix of SK Simeon and Yaw Faso’s EP Maksya EP synthesizes reggae with dancehall. It’s a good album for those who like dance, rap, and reggae.


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