Captain Planet: Esperanto Slang


Captain planet, otherwise known as Charlie B. Wilder, absolutely killed it with his fourth album, Esperanto Slang. This unique worldly mix epitomizes his self-titled genre, Gumbo Funk, by incorporating sounds from all over the world. It’s as if he takes you on a personal tour around the world in 45 minutes. It’s a unique album that took two years to make but was well worth the wait.

This album really is like a universal language’s street jargon. He succeeded in making the anthem for funky dance floors off the main strip with songs like “Perdido en el Exceso” and “Enter the Esperanto”. Songs like “Tudo de Bom” and his hit single “In the Gray” sound like songs that could be on the next FIFA soundtrack. The next party you go to I would listen for “Un Poquito Mas”. This Latin-House hit is sure to take over dance floors. Finally, travel back in time and witness an Aztec sacrificial ceremony with his song “Quetzalcoatl Offering”.

His experience with music from all over the world helped in the creation of this album. Tribal drums, ambient airy synths, deep bass, animal calls, R&B vocals and acoustic noodling are just a few of the ingredients he uses to make his Gumbo Funk.

You don’t have to understand the languages sung to appreciate this album. You appreciate and enjoy it just as you would a painting or sculpture. You have an idea of what the artist is trying to convey, but your not entirely sure, yet you like it enough to buy it.










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